Universities in Andorra

List of Universities in Andorra

List of Universities in Andorra

List of Universities in Andorra :

1Universitat d’AndorraAddress :
University of Andorra
Plaça de la Germandat, 7
AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria
T. (+376) 743000
F. (+376) 743043
[email protected]
2Universitat Oberta de la Salle AndorraAddress :
C/Major, s/n. Rectoria, 2n.
AD400, La Massana, Andorra
[email protected]
+37 681 53 88
3Universitat d’Estiu d’AndorraAddress :
Summer and Autumn University of Andorra
Government of Andorra
C. Prat de la Creu, 62-64
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Phone: +376 875 700
Contact us: +376 743 300

Universities in Andorra

Universitat d’Andorra

The University of Andorra | European countries | European nation} which is the public university of Prince Andorra. Pedagogy in the country began in 1988, with the creation of the College of Nursing and Applied Sciences, with the birth of the University of Andorra, whose field has been at the center of St. Julia de Laurier since 2004.

Responding qualitatively to the needs of Andorran society in education and analysis and training people so that they acquire the information and skills necessary to enter the world of labor quickly and successfully. For this reason, more than ninety graduates realize the work before they finish their studies or before the initial month analysis, step by step in the employment placement research allocated by the Andorran Educational Quality Agency (AQUA) in 2018.

Its main resource area unit supports the acquisition of skills by finding an academic model challenge including customization, long learning, and curriculum per scholar. Annually, the UDA has more than five hundred students with official degrees, and one in continuing education has surpassed 200.

Throughout its history, the University of Andorra has evolved into coaching and analysis owned by a coaching provider that completes 3 university tutorial degrees (undergraduate, master, and doctorate). Most degrees it offers area unit collegiate (3-year undergraduate-one hundred and eighty European credits), each face-to-face and virtual, mainly in technology, business, health, and education. All degree tutorial area units are recognized in accordance with the rules of the EU Pedagogy Space (EHEA) and are part of the territorial unit.

One of UDA’s priorities is international relations, as a standardized program for incoming and outgoing students and staff. For this reason, it has signed cooperation agreements with about twenty universities around the world and ensures that the regulated courses it offers include one semester in English.

Universitat Oberta de la Salle Andorra

Welcome to La Salle University UOLS, a truly young university that was born in the Gregorian calendar month 28, 2012, but has many old and strongly intertwined roots that measure the square with the mature fruit of history and a single educational tradition. By the State La Salle.

Therefore, you are in a very La Salle University and a very university in a European country, a very low and pleasant country which is a part of the EU learning space (EHEA).

The provision of our online coaching includes every public state study (doctoral degree program, numerous masters, bachelor of engineering …) and so the rest of our own studies, that is actually a university of nature. Measure all classes so that you gain data, skills, and competencies that will enable you to continue to grow each professionally and personally.

We measure the need for nursing open, versatile, and 100% online university need associate, and we sleep when we do not discriminate against anyone because of their location, residence, language, culture, economic position, or spiritual beliefs. In fact, our model of teaching action supports employment in ICT and active pedagogical approaches, encouraging an ISM, international and interconnected education, which facilitates collaboration and therefore the use of fabric and human resource sharing with learning centers around the world.

At Lasallian University, we are very broad Diamond State path | I tend to square a portion of the network of an intensive} de la Sal university (over 70) that measures squares around the world. We, ISLU, the International Association of Lasallian Universities, with whom we share a common heart, a constant commitment and therefore a common mission, aim to promote effective cooperation and cultural exchange within the field of university education.

That world collaboration framework, of course, includes everything that will be associated with the analysis. In fact, this is the biggest reason why we got La Sally Higher Analysis Institute, whose main lines of analysis are not specifically on education, albeit completely.

Finally, I extend my warm and heartfelt welcome to you once again; And I’m informing you that La Salle University is a UOLS, quite a web university, an academic community where people try forever and stay in the service of others.

Universitat d’Estiu d’Andorra

The first system was created in 1986 with Andorra and the European Economic Community, and in 1990 with La Casa Commune Europe.

The fall of the Berlin Wall declared a situation of turmoil for Europe in the autumn and signaled the future of Andorra.

Subsequently, on the occasion of the presidency of the Council of Europe in Andorra, in 2012, the footprints of Europe were marked in the world, and in 2015 it was completed with the European version, the challenge of the future.

In these 2 experiments, a world situation characterized by the 2008 recession results was collected. It inspired innumerable and essential aspects for Europe as a social right in times of crisis and diplomacy. Arab world or with us.

Today we again turn to the area unit at a crucial moment in the history of high-impact world events such as the epidemic and Brexit.

This is why this year’s edition again seeks to provide an updated, rigorous and consistent reflection of the turbulent times we live in.

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