List of Universities in Bahamas

List of Universities in Bahamas

List of Universities in Bahamas :

1University of The BahamasAddress :
Oakes Field Campus
University Drive
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, The Bahamas
Tel: (242) 302-4300

University of The Bahamas-North
Grand Bahama Highway
P. O. Box F-42766
East Grand Bahama, The Bahamas
Tel: (242) 688-5900 / 688-5901
Fax: (242) 352-7987
2Eugene Dupuch Law SchoolAddress :
P.O. Box SS 6394
Nassau, The Bahamas
T: (242) 326-8507/8
F: (242) 326-8504
[email protected]

University of the Bahamas :

The University of the Bahamas is a national public and Commonwealth higher education institution located across the Bahamas archipelago. The four-year degree is awarded by The University of the Bahamas Chartered, after more than thirty-five years of service. The University of the Bahamas has full-time student, alumni, faculty and staffing that provides full-time and part-time education. The University of the Bahamas operates on three campuses and teaching and academic research centers including the Department of Health Sciences, Oaks Field and the Grosvenor Close Campus, Nursing. Northern has a campus with cafeteria, conference room, classroom, faculty office, library, computer and science lab, bookstore, and administrative office. The University of the Bahamas provides graduate business centers, business faculties, undergraduate and graduate degrees, including faculties of agriculture, institutes and research centers. The University’s Center for Continuing Education and Extension Services, Agricultural and Marine Science Institute, Confucius Institute, Oral History Institute, The COB / Cape Eleuthera Institute, The Exuma Center, The Abaco Center and Cave Research on San Salvador Island
There are several Institutes and Research Centers. The University of the Bahamas has a Harry C. Moore Library that serves as a place for law studies, computer commons, auditoriums, classrooms, media production studios, individual and group study. The University of the Bahamas offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in pharmacy, law and other advanced professional degrees. The University of the Bahamas has faculty of business, Faculty of Social and Educational Studies, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences and Faculty of Liberal and Fine Arts academic faculties and offers degrees in their subjects.

Eugene Dupuch Law School :

The Eugene Dupuch Law School was founded in 1998 in Nassau, Bahamas and is the third largest law school in the country. Eugene Dupuch Law School offers LLB degrees and offers a two-year practical professional training program. Degree students are awarded a certificate of legal education, as well as the right to practice law in the Bahamas.

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