List of Universities in Djibouti

List of Universities in Djibouti

List of Universities in Djibouti :

1Université de DjiboutiAddress :
University of Djibouti
Balbala Campus
Crossing RN2-RN5 | PO Box: 1904 Djibouti
Tel. : (+253) 21315555 | Email. : [email protected]

University of Djibouti

The University of Djibouti is the capital of Djibouti and is a public university in Djibouti. The University of Djibouti was established by decree of the government and has been operating by the government since 7 January 2006. The University of Djibouti consists of two institutes and five faculties. At this institute students can acquire knowledge by getting education like their own.
The university of Djibouti has two institutes:
Technical Institute of Industry
Technical Institute of Tertiary Services

The following five faculties are the University of Djibouti:
Faculty of Humanities, Languages ​​and Social Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law, Economics and Management
Faculty of Science

A special training course has been formed in the university with a special component, the procedure of which has been specified and training has been imparted.
Educational Material:
1 University Institute of Industrial Technologies
2 University Institute of Tertiary Technologies

The goal of the University of Djibouti is to build a world-class research institution with world-class research and development of technology.

The University of Djibouti has been conducting educational programs with a large number of doctors and doctoral students. The new building of the University of Djibouti has removed all the limitations of the campus infrastructure. Then a doctoral school was established in 2017.
The purpose of the university of Djibouti is to form research through a multidisciplinary team and create a research culture and promote transparency.
Establish an action research to make the quality of education in the country an effective and ongoing one and implement doctoral training set up.
The University of Djibouti’s mission is to strengthen transverse access and research equipment and laboratories, and to build logistics, transport and digital centers, and to provide ongoing job-friendly training and to develop qualified training staff.

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