List of Universities in Equatorial Guinea

List of Universities in Equatorial Guinea

List of Universities in Equatorial Guinea:

1Universidad Nacional de Guinea EcuatorialAddress:
Avenida Hassan II s/n
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

National University of Equatorial Guinea

One of the major universities in Central Africa is the National University of Equatorial Guinea. The National University of Equatorial Guinea is a public institution and a higher education institution.
There is a campus in Malabo and a unit in Bata. The National University of Equatorial Guinea is a traditional university that was established during the Spanish Aman period and became the first institution of higher learning, and the Spaniards began to anchor different countries in different countries of the African continent.
Indigenous peoples were educated through institutes in 1935 to form a profession and began the academic journey of UNGE. Then in 1943 the institute started a school called Superior Indigenous which was known as higher education in Guinea. Later its name was changed. Changed to Santo Thomas de Aquino Superior School and published in 1958. In 1959, it was renamed as Provincial Superior School.
The Expedia Diploma was a diploma in administration and commerce.

After independence the school was renovated under the direction of Enguema and renamed ESMLK. The school allowed the training of primary, secondary and undergraduate trainees through the integration of ESMLK with the Malabo School of Education in the 1980s for a comprehensive training.

In 1979, a coup d’tat led to the formation of a government, a merger with UNESCO and Spanish, and the establishment of the ESMLK at a university school in Malabo in 1984 to create an environment conducive to teacher training.

The National School of Agriculture was established in 1987 with funding from the African Development Bank and the Bata University School of Teacher Training and the University School of Health and Environment in collaboration with UNESCO.

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