List of Universities in French Polynesia

List of Universities in French Polynesia

List of Universities in French Polynesia :

1Université de la Polynésie FrançaiseAddress :
Outumaoro Campus – Punaauia – BP 6570 – 98702 Faa’a – Tahiti – French Polynesia
Phone. : (+689) 40 803 803
Fax: (+689) 40 803 804
Email: mail @

University of French Polynesia

The University of French Polynesia is a higher education institution in Tahiti, French Polynesia. It specializes in developing the skills of students to give them qualities that will allow them to become active agents in their local and global environment.

  • Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, Ph.D.s and other postgraduate certificates available
  • Courses taught by experienced professionals
  • Opportunities for international exchange programs and conferences
  • Access to modern facilities and expert faculty
  • Students acquire knowledge and skills that are tailored to their own needs and interests
  • Helps students become responsible decision makers who can navigate both local and global situations with ease
  • Develops critical thinking, interpersonal communication and problem solving abilities
  • Opportunity to engage with different cultures and gain a better understanding of the world

The University of French Polynesia offers exclusive online courses and programs designed to help you explore the captivating beauty of French Polynesia’s ecosystem, culture and history. Our world-class faculty will offer expert instruction in a range of subjects, including dive studies, sustainability & ecology, marine conservation & science, permaculture & organic farming, and culinary arts. With interactive activities and excursions hosted by local guides, this unique learning experience is like no other!

  • Live stream classes from top faculty from French Polynesia
  • Hands on field trips to explore the tropical waters and beaches
  • Online access video labs for remote experiments
  • Interact with renowned scientists living in the beautiful region
  • Receive a valuable education at your own pace
  • Monthly tuition payments for flexible financial options
  • Qualify for discounted research travel opportunities with partner guesthouses/resorts
  • Support sustainable initiatives that uphold ocean conservation

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