List of Universities in Guyana

List of Universities in Guyana

List of Universities in Guyana :

1University of GuyanaAddress :
RV6J+XV8, Turkeyen Campus, Georgetown
The University of Guyana
Turkeyen Campus
Greater Georgetown
[email protected]
2Texila American UniversityAddress :
Lot 2442, Plantation Providence,
East Bank Demerara (EBD),
Guyana, South America.
Admission: +592 2657651 &
+592 2657652
Admin: +592 265 7650
3Lincoln American UniversityAddress :
8A & 8B, Water & Barrack Street, Kingston, Guyana, 413741
+91 8448486490
Call (Guyana): +592 225 2241
Call Toll-Free: 1800 843 9595
[email protected]
4American International School of MedicineAddress :
1000 Windward Concourse Alpharetta, Georgia 30005
Call Us
+1 470 345 0976
Email Us
[email protected]
5Georgetown American University GAU School of MedicineAddress :
81 Croal Street, Georgetown, Guyana, South America
(592) 226 1375
(592) 226 3858
[email protected]
6Guyana School of AgricultureAddress :
Telephone No. 220 – 2297
Fax: 220 – 8955
E-mail: [email protected]

The University of Guyana :
The University of Guyana is a 1963 institute of higher learning located in Georgetown, Guinea that aims to provide knowledge, promotion and service to mankind. Bachelor’s degrees in economics, law, medicine, optometry, natural sciences, engineering, environmental studies, forestry, urban planning and management, tourism studies, education, creative arts and more. The University of Guyana offers a number of online specialties. University of Guyana The University plays a leading role in shaping local and international careers.

Texila American University :
Texila American University is located in Guyana, South America and is an offshore private medical school just a project of the Duke Management Company. Texila American University offers undergraduate degrees in Nursing, Public Health, Medicine and Allied Sciences, and offers postgraduate degrees in Nursing, Public Health, Medicine and Allied Sciences.

Lincoln American University :
Lincoln American University is a private medical university and was established in 2016 as a nationally recognized institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the field. In addition, Lincoln American University provides quality medical education in Guyana.

American International School of Medicine :
The American International School of Medicine is a private medical school in Guyana and a successful medical program offering a doctoral degree in medicine.

Georgetown American University :
Georgetown American University is a healthcare institution and Georgetown American University is located in Georgetown, Guyana which was established in 2013. Georgetown American University offers bachelor’s degrees in Doctor of Medicine, Premedical, Nursing, and Cyber Security.

Guyana School of Agriculture :
Guyana School of Agriculture University is a state agricultural education university established in 1963. There are two campuses on Demirraat and Cotton Field Esequibo Coast.
The Guyana School of Agriculture usually offers post-secondary, diploma certificate courses in animal health and veterinary, fisheries studies, and agricultural processing.

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