List of Universities in Maldives

List of Universities in Maldives

List of Universities in Maldives :

1Maldives National UniversityAddress :
General Enquiries
Central Administration
Rahdhebai Higun, Machangolhi
Male’, 20371, Maldives
Tel: +960 3345 101
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Examinations Department
Tel: +960 3345162
Email: [email protected]
2Villa CollegeAddress :
Villa College QI Campus,
RahDhebai Hingun, Male’
20373, Rep of Maldives
Tel: (+960) 330 3200
Fax: (+960) 330 3299
Email: [email protected]
3Cyryx CollegeAddress :
Ma. Rasmathige, Kenery Magu
Tel: 3328396 / 3320004
G. Light Sky, Bodurasgefaanu Magu
Tel: 3314620 / 3005872
Hotline: 9995870
Email: [email protected]
4Mandhu CollegeAddress :
Ma. Bouganvilla, Rahdhedai Magu,
Male’20160 Republic of Maldives.
[email protected]

Maldives National University :

A public university in the Maldives is the Maldives National University. A brief history of the school is that it established a teacher education institution in 1984 and a tourist school was established in 1987. The Institute of Management and Administration was established in 1991 to provide public and private training The Institute of Interpretation and Law for Higher Education was established in 1999, followed by the Degree Program: Bachelor of Arts in 2000 and then Maldives National University in 2011. Special legislation was passed by the President.

Villa College :

A third education and training is Villa College whose founder is the chairman of the Villa Group. Villa College set up its first institute to provide education and training on an affordable basis and then started the Villa Institute of Information Technology and Villa Institute of Hospitality and Tourism activities and then 2016 business and management activities expanded education.

Cyryx College :

Cyryx College, a private college in the Maldives, was established in 1993. And it is the only private college in the country to provide the most services. Cyryx College Qualification Authority has a number of courses that have greatly expanded the field of education.

Mandhu College :

Mandhu College is the largest private college providing higher education in the Maldives. Mandhu College was established in 1998 and every course of this college is recognized and accepted by the qualification authority.

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