List of Universities in Marshall Islands

List of Universities in Marshall Islands :

As one of the world’s last pristine island hideaways, The Marshall Islands offers a true Robinson Crusoe-style experience with beautifully untouched land and seascapes. Visitors can look forward to lagoons, rainforests and reef systems that are teeming with life, while also enjoying renovated resorts, small private islands and memorable tours throughout remote atolls. With a new international airport that welcomed its first flight in 2017, you can easily explore all areas of this truly unspoiled paradise.

  • 11 coral atolls
  • 35 inhabited islands
  • Malénébwēl listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Explore uncrowded beaches and vibrant coral reefs full of diverse marine life. See iconic landmarks like Bikini Atoll shipwrecks or take part in cultural tours to understand traditional Marshallese way of life.
  • Enjoy a unique mix of adventure activities such as fishing, kite skiing and diving along with leisurely activities like bird watching, birding trails and beach walking.
  • Have access to tranquil villas on secluded private islands or stay in luxurious city resorts that offer everything from sun loungers to kayaks for guests to use free of charge.
List of Universities in Marshall Islands
1College of the Marshall IslandsAddress :
PO Box 1258
Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands
+692 625 3394
[email protected]

College of the Marshall Islands

College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) is an accredited higher education institution in Majuro, the capital city of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Established in 1993 to offer opportunity and access to tertiary educational programs that are affordable, relevant, and available throughout the Pacific region, CMI has grown into one of the region’s most popular colleges providing over 25 Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs.

At CMI, we focus on encouraging students to develop their academic potential through research-based learning; developing strong leadership skills; promoting ethical behaviour; and engaging in cultural exchanges across our international student body. Features:

  • Over 25 Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs
  • Global exchange opportunities with partner universities
  • Affordable tuition fees for international students
  • Excellent Student Support Services from Admissions to Career Guidance
  • Expert Faculty Faculty from around the globe
  • Benefit from a diverse educational environment that promotes equity , inclusion and collaboration.
  • Gain access to exceptional state of the art facilities on campus such as our library, computer labs, classrooms, recreational centers and well equipped housing units
  • Receive top quality instruction delivered by experienced faculty members who will help nurture your academic excellence.
  • Fully prepare yourself to become an industry leader by participating in extracurricular activities such as sports clubs, debate team or theatre group while experiencing community service initiatives

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