List of Universities in Mauritania

List of Universities in Mauritania

List of Universities in Mauritania :

1Université de Nouakchott Al AasriyaAddress :
BP 880, Nouakchott, Mauritania.
2Université des Sciences de Technologie et de MédecineAddress :
Boîte Postale 5026
3Ecole nationale d’Administration de journalisme et de magistrature ENAJMAddress :
Abdo Walad Al-Baraa
Head of technical department and database
[email protected]
00222 76 74 61 42 – 76 74 61 36
4Institut Superieur des Etudes et recherches IslamiquesAddress :
Email: [email protected]

Mauritania Education :

In Mauritania, elementary education is conducted in Arabic, and from the second year onwards in French and science courses are offered. However, the use of English is increasing day by day. Schools in Mauritania were built in the river basin of Senegal and were first established in 1950 in Butlimite where the first teacher training school was established. Later, in 1957, Rosso started a secondary school to train teachers. Public schools dominated because black Africans were in large numbers, so most of their public schools were enrolled. After independence in Mauritania, emphasizing secular education, religious education was the way to unite all for national unity. And with that comes the need for special causation for a modern economy. Lack of classroom facilities leads to a funding crisis and trained staff crisis. A training school was opened in Noakchat in 1964 and the school was not compulsory.

Mauritania ICT has been implemented and the University de Noyakchat is working as the focal point of its activities to build a bridge between educational qualifications and ICT among the people. In order to enhance the excellence of a beautiful technology between the youth society and the administration and to act as a successful country in the future. And providing leadership, planning, training, and providing education management, and the university is fulfilling its responsibilities. The program was launched to take forward the rollout of the country’s Internet connection and electrification. And ICT will become computer literate in the near future and development programs will play a leading role mainly in the secondary and tertiary education sectors.

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