List of Universities in Montenegro

List of Universities in Montenegro

List of Universities in Montenegro :

1University of MontenegroAddress :
Cetinjski put 2
81000 Podgorica
Phone (+382) 20 414 255
Email [email protected]
2University of Donja GoricaAddress :
Oktoih 1
81000 Podgorica
Crna Gora
Phone: +382 (0)20 410 777
Fax: +382 (0)20 410 766
E-mail: [email protected]
3Mediterranean University MontenegroAddress :
Bulevar Josipa Broza bb
81000 Podgorica (MNE)
[email protected]
+382 20 409 204
+382 20 409 232 (fax)
PIB: 02466775
510-101380-92 (CKB Banka)

University of Montenegro :
The University of Montenegro was founded in 1974 and is a national public university in Montenegro, located in Podgorica. The University of Montenegro has 19 faculties in 4 cities. The University of Montenegro offers courses in economics, engineering, and law, with special training in history, agriculture, and biological and medical research. Most of these faculties are in Podgorica and a few in Nixich, Setinje and Cotter.

University of Donja Gorica :
The University of Donja Gorica is a private university located in Podgorica, the second private university in Montenegro, established in 2006. The University of Donja Gorica became known as UDG. The University of Donja Gorica represents the only privately owned institution in the country and the largest educational institution. Degrees in Entrepreneurship, Management and Business are awarded at the Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business. Degrees are awarded in the Faculty of Information Systems and Technology, Humanities Studies, Diplomacy, Security, Communication Studies, and Media. Faculty of Technology, Food Safety and Ecology, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Chinese Research, Applied Psychology, Applied Mathematics, International Hotel Management, English Language and Literature.

Mediterranean University Montenegro :
Mediterranean University Montenegro is a private university founded in 2006 and Mediterranean University Montenegro is the first private university in the country and the school is a member of the Balkan University. Mediterranean University The University of Montenegro teaches in 6 faculties. The University conducts undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degrees in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Hotels and Trade Management, the Faculty of Tourism, the Faculty of Visual Arts and the Faculty of Information Technology.

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