List of Universities in New Caledonia

List of Universities in New Caledonia

List of Universities in New Caledonia :

1The University of New Caledonia (UNC)Address :
Address:  145 James Cook Avenue – BP R4
         98 851 – Nouméa Cedex
  (+687) 290 290
E-mail     [email protected]

The University of New Caledonia

The University of New Caledonia provides quality education in a variety of majors and professional fields, including engineering, health sciences, business, law and sustainable development. Our modern campus facilities and student support services provide an ideal environment for our students to excel in their studies. Our commitment to research excellence helps us to create new knowledge which enhances the learning experience.

  • Internationally recognized degrees with easy recognition across countries
  • Flexible learning environments that allows students to study at their own pace
  • Collaborative exchange programs with partner universities worldwide for international exposure
  • Global recognition for students’ qualifications upon graduation
  • Accessible learning materials on site and online with real world applications public library access included in tuition fees
  • Multimedia facilities such as video streaming for enriched student experience and additional course content
  • Specialist tutoring assistance available both on campus and online

The University of New Caledonia is the only university in Australia’s Northern Territory. It provides undergraduate, postgraduate and research-oriented learning opportunities across a range of disciplines enabling students to gain knowledge, skills and experience for successful futures.

  • A wide range of programs and courses in areas like business studies, public policy and law, engineering, language studies, creative industries and much more
  • Industrial placements offering hands-on experiences in the workplace
  • Student support services including counselling, equity and access advice, disability services and career guidance
  • Receive a high quality tertiary education close to home
  • Graduate prepared with the knowledge, skills and knowhow to engage with the modern world
  • Enjoy the chance to form lasting connections with peers from around the territory

The University of New Caledonia is a vibrant and diverse learning institution supporting education in more than 20 countries. We proudly provide high quality university courses, both online and face-to-face, as well as opportunities for short courses and workshops on our campuses. With professional staff and world-leading academics, we strive to create a transformative learning environment where students are exposed to real-world skills that help them succeed in their future careers.

  • Accessible online or face-to face courses
  • Different levels of qualification offered
  • Staffed by professional and experts in the field
  • Responsive curriculum designed to meet industry needs
  • Supportive studying environment
  • Exceptional student experience in a safe, secure campus

New Caledonia facts

The University of New Caledonia is an accredited educational provider providing facts and cultural knowledge exploring the social and environmental history of New Caledonia. Our web-based interactive courses provide students with an immersive experience into the past, present, and future of New Caledonia.

  • A comprehensive study guide highlighting key areas of New Caledonian history and culture
  • High-quality broadcast videos and visuals that bring the region to life
  • Virtual simulations for visitors concerned about their carbon footprint due to travel restrictions
  • Engaging online modules perfect for high schoolers or adult learners
  • Go beyond the local tourist attractions by delving deep into a diverse population’s customs, cultures, and lifestyles from a responsible perspective.
  • Feel connected to NewCal even if you can’t travel there in person. Enjoy virtual field trips without leaving your home!
  • Become aware of regional issues, empathizing more deeply with communities directly impacted by climate change, land disputes, poverty, etc.
The University of New Caledonia future

The University of New Caledonia is an international institute for research and creativity. We are inspired to empower the world’s youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to address contemporary global challenges. Together, with our international faculty, we understand that education can make a lasting impression on future generations.

  • Bilingual curriculum in English and French
  • Access to cutting edge research laboratories
  • Interdisciplinary courses in business, law, IT and more
  • A worldwide network of alumni
  • Scholarships and grants available
  • Experienced and friendly faculty members

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