List of Universities in Saint Barthelemy

List of Universities in Saint Barthelemy :

Visit the Caribbean paradise of Saint Barthelemy, an overseas collectivity of France located in the Lesser Antilles. Relax and enjoy luxurious resorts on gorgeous beaches and explore St. Barts’ vibrant culture and rich history. Ride bikes through winding alleys and have a picnic atop one of the many scenic hills or go snorkeling to discover a whole new underwater world. Immerse yourself in French heritage with delicious food and drinks, exquisite architecture,European-style boutiques and fascinating markets.

  • Breathtaking beaches with crystal blue waters
  • Beautiful coastal walks through lush forests
  • Scenic cycling routes along winding alleys
  • Unique culture steeped in French Heritage
  • Experience a little piece of European culture in the Caribbean with unique architecture, boutiques and markets reflecting the French influence of St. Barts
  • Enjoy spending time on the powdery white sand beaches admiring sapphire hues or partaking in fun beach activities like kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling across colourful coral reefs
  • Explore picturesque hillsides offering lush forests to trek along followed by stunning vista points with views across neighbouring islands
List of Universities in Saint Barthelemy
1Saint Barthelemy SchoolAddress :
470 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone: 732-254-7105 Fax: 732-254-6352

Saint Barthelemy School

Saint Bartholomew School is a safe, disciplined and caring learning environment. With fifty years’ experience, we proudly provide an individualized education for all our students that is focused on developing their independence, self-confidence and the skills. Our rich program includes academics aligned with current research in cognitive development and contemplative practices that nurture mindful learning, academic excellence and resilience. We offer challenging academic pursuits, arts immersion, social service projects and meaningful opportunities to explore curricular content through field trips. Features:

  • Aligned with current research in cognitive development
  • Arts Immersion program
  • Extracurricular clubs & activities
  • Foster lifelong learners who excel academically and exhibit responsible behavior in a safe community setting
  • Develop thoughtful charitable attitudes by active service within the local community
  • Prepare each student for successful entry into college or university at home or abroad
  • Provide an individualized education that cultivates responsibility, self confidence, curiosity, creativity and stewardship of resources

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