Universities in Sint Eustatius

List of Universities in Sint Eustatius

List of Universities in Sint Eustatius :

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List of Universities in Sint Eustatius
1American University of Integrative SciencesAddress :
Sint Eustatius Campus
VR67+XM Tucker, Georgia, United States

American University of Integrative Sciences

The American University of Integrative Sciences (AUIS) is a forward-thinking, accredited medical school based in Barbados offering top level medical study programs informed by cutting-edge technology and personalized instruction. At AUIS, students gain hands-on experience through our integrated western and eastern medicine curriculum designed for mastery of the most current medical practices—allowing graduates to confidently integrate alternative healing modalities into their future practice.

  • 4 year Doctor of Medicine program
  • More than 600 students from 60+ countries
  • Interactive lectures with faculty; laboratory demonstrations; elective rotations; professional skills seminars; web conferencing technology
  • Customizable stream pattern/electives & multidisciplinary clinical experiences
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of patient care within the global environment compared to traditional methods.
  • Develop expert knowledge in the integration of various healing modalities derived from eastern and western medicine coupled with highly recommended preventative approaches.
  • Experience the many benefits of hands on clinical training with access to world leading healthcare equipment manufacturers.

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