List of Universities in Suriname

List of Universities in Suriname

List of Universities in Suriname :

1Anton de Kom University of SurinameAddress :
Leysweg 86 | POB: 9212
Paramaribo, Suriname
+597 465558
[email protected]
2Polytechnic CollegeAddress :
Slangenhoutstraat #99a Saron
Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: + (597) 402509
Email: [email protected]
3Technological University of the AmericasAddress :
Bindastraat 68, Paramaribo, Suriname.
[email protected]

Anton de Kom University of Suriname :
Anton de Kom University of Suriname is a university located in Paramaribo. Anton de Kom University of Suriname is the first university to open in the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Medical Sciences offers degrees in Medicine and Physiotherapy subjects. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers degrees in law, economics, general subjects, general economics and business economics, education management, and the study of social change in society, public administration, sociology, business management, and psychology. The Faculty of Technology offers degrees in Agricultural Production, Main Subject Soil Science, Forestry, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Mineral Production, Main Subject Geology, Mining, Electrical Engineering, Main Subject Energy Technique, Information Technology Subject. Degrees in Geoinformatics, Land and Water Management, Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Water Resources Management, Environment and Natural Resource Management. Anton de Kom University of Suriname has established the necessary research centers in each subject and is playing other roles in providing services.

Polytechnic College :
Polytechnic College Suriname is a higher education technical school that has been providing education since 1997. The college offers its students bachelor’s degrees in technology. The college is also an NOVA accredited institution and offers an ISO-certified master’s program. The Faculty of Agriculture & Health offers degrees in Agribusiness Management, Agronomy, Animal Production & Health Technology, Food Technology, Higher Laboratory Education. The College of Technology offers degrees in electrical engineering, information & communication technology, infrastructure, mechanical engineering. The College of Logistics offers degrees in Hydrology and Real Estate & Brokerage.

Technological University of the Americas :
Technological University of the Americas is a private educational institution recognized by MINOV and NOVA. The Technological University of the Americas offers undergraduate degrees in Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor’s in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
Ph.D in Information Technology, Ph.D in Management, Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor Of Education In Educational Leadership (Ed.D.), Masters Of Business Administration (MBA), Masters Of Accounting (MA), MSc Provides graduate degree in Information Technology.

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