List of Universities in Swaziland

List of Universities in Swaziland

List of Universities in Swaziland :

1University of EswatiniAddress :
University of Eswatini • Private Bag 4 • Kwaluseni • M201 • Eswatini
Telephone: +268 2517-0000
2South African Nazarene UniversityAddress :
Manzini Nazarene Mission Station
+268 25055749
[email protected]
[email protected]

University of Eswatini :

The University of Eswatini is the national university of Swaziland and the first university in the country, formerly known as the University of Swaziland. Established in 1982, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland developed from Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland by law, enacted by the Parliament of Eswatini. 1975 The university is nationalized and makes its debut on the Lesotho campus. There are three campuses and eight faculties. The three campuses are Luengo Campus, Mbaben Campus and Qualuseni Campus. Campuses typically deal with agriculture, consumer science, and health sciences. It offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs in several subjects.

South African Nazarene University :

Africa Nazarene University is a Christian church and a private school. Africa Nazarene University is a university declared and recognized by the Education Commission and International Education. The University observes and implements the Wesleyan Holiness tradition. This organization provides appropriate education to people from all walks of life and guidelines for following the church’s standards. The institution initially had to deal with various challenges in providing higher education to church students. At present Africa Nazarene University is paying special attention to the formation of noble, revered, just, moral, religious, ethical, honest, virtuous character of the students. And Africa Nazarene University is the first Christian church outside of North America. The university was established by a unanimous vote of Indianapolis members of the Board of Church America in a general assembly. The university then began discussions with the Education Commission and the Higher Education Commission with a view to awarding a higher degree. Then in 1993 Africa Nazarene University started working with the foundation stone of the university on behalf of the government. The institute then introduced faculties in theology and business administration for undergraduate courses for students in different countries and postgraduate courses in religion. Since then it has been officially issuing charter accreditation certificates since 2002.

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