List of Universities in Tonga

List of Universities in Tonga

List of Universities in Tonga :

A tongue of islands in the South Pacific, Tonga is an adventure-lover’s paradise. From crystal blue lagoons to stratovolcanoes, Tonga has it all. Relax with a Mai Tai while exploring pristine beaches and fascinating culture. Dive into some of the most stunning dive sites located around Vava’u or take off on an epic dive trip to caves, undersea gardens and shipwrecks, which are scattered throughout all 4 island groups. Embark on a leisurely whale-watching tour along the coastline or join in with locals as they hold traditional raft races that traverse between some of the biggest volcanic islands, then wind down your day by feasting on a traditional Tongan feast.

  • 171 idyllic islands
  • Tropical paradise
  • Colourful coral reefs & ancient volcanoes
    -Experience alfresco dining on idyllic beaches and stunning scenery across each island group.
    -Explore unique cultural attractions such as treasured handicrafts, amazing archaeological sites and sacred burial mounds dating back hundreds of years.
    -Enjoy adventures such as kayaking through beautiful bays, sailing and fishing tours out at sea or even learning how to hike up dormant volcanoes!
1Atenisi InstituteAddress :
Atenisi Institute
P.O.Box 90, Nukuʻalofa
Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific
Telephone: (+676) 24819

Atenisi Institute

The Atenisi Institute is a unique Tongan-run liberal arts college dedicated to teaching the ancient Greek and modern Western knowledge. A small independent organization, it has no formal ties with either the government of Tonga or any other institution. At Atenisi, students can take classes that cover topics from Greek philosophy, history and literature to economics, cultural anthropology and international relations. What sets Atenisi apart from other institutions is its commitment to teaching, thinking and living in harmony with one’s own culture and traditions as well as embracing the wisdom of other traditions around the world. Students at Atenisi acquire skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving and independent inquiry that give them an edge in today’s competitive world.

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