List of Universities in Vatican City

List of Universities in Vatican City

List of Universities in Vatican City :

Vatican City is a unique university city with the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas,also known as the Angelicum Universities in Vatican City, at its center. The Angelicum is composed of 14 faculties in various fields such as sociology, theology, philosophy and law. It is a pontifical university with direct ties to the Holy See that offers both undergraduate and advanced degrees. Vatican City is the smallest nation in the world and a major center of educational excellence. There are numerous Universities in Vatican City, offering graduate and postgraduate studies spanning wider areas of knowledge than found anywhere else in the world. A visit to Vatican City will be rewarded with educational institutions that have sustained its historical excellence throughout the centuries by providing some of the most distinguished students immense understanding to face future challenges. This city-state located in Rome, Italy has a rich history, deep culture and is home to some of the most impressive universities around the world. Many of these universities specialize in theology, law, and other subjects of canon law which are integral parts of Vatican’s complex government system.

  • Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (The Angelicum)
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Scientific Institutions like National Observatory
    Benefits: – Get access to ancient documents from the Vatican Library – Enjoy students discounts provided by hotels and museums within Vatican City – Cultural immersion with local art galleries and points of interest – Learn international law or political science under professors who have studied directly in Rome
1Pontifical Urbaniana UniversityAddress :
Via Urbano VIII, 16
00165 Rome
Tel. 06.6988.9611 – Fax 06.6988.1871
E-mail: [email protected]
Piazzale della Pace, 1
00040 Castel Gandolfo (RM)
Tel. 06.6988.7815 – 06.6988.7847
Fax 06.6988.7831
E-mail: [email protected]

Pontifical Urbaniana University :

Pontifical Urbaniana University is a university known as Urbaniana, located behind the Holy Sea, which provides training in priesthood and religion. The University of Pontifical Urbaniana University has been governed since Urban VIII, and Pope Urban planned and implemented Pontifical Urbaniana University College in 1627 as a new college. In which a young society can be built by becoming a priest. Educated through this, priests can become known as national and international college priests.

The University of Pontifical Urbaniana University has faculties of theology, faculty of philosophy, faculty of canon law and faculties of Misiology, and these four faculties are usually located at the University in Rome. Although Pontifical Urbaniana University is a very old university, its teaching activities are as old as the faculties of theology and philosophy as old as their past educational activities. Its activities are more recent as the faculties of Canon Law and Misiology are now included.

Pontifical Urbaniana University has a large library at the university since 1979 where the institution has been collecting volumes of their books since its inception. They collect volumes in two categories, the Urban College Library and the Pontifical Missionary Library. Pontifical Urbaniana University has direct access to the University’s huge reading room. There are journals, archives, microfiches, and documents from various specialized archives, including the late Medieval Incunabula, rare atlases, printed geographical maps, missionary cataclysm, Chinese collections, the Old and New Testaments.

Pontifical Urbaniana University has a university press that publishes the university’s scientific journals Euntes Docete, Ius Missionale, The Yearbook of the Faculty of Canon Law, and also publishes the University Analysis.

The Pontifical Urbaniana University is the premier center of learning for those called to serve in the mission fields of the world. Our university offers an intense academic program that covers a wide range of spiritual, theological, doctrinal, and canonical studies. Students can further specialize through courses in areas such as mission management, cultural anthropology, linguistics & translation, biblical exegesis & interpretation, and missionary communication & social media. We also offer certificate programs in missiology and spirituality for lay people and members of religious orders.

  • Academic programs from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees
  • Variety of specialization courses available
  • Certificate programs designed for laypeople
  • Courses offered in English language
  • Our specialized study options enable our students to gain the knowledge necessary to become effective missionaries into various cultures.
  • Our alumni are able to better understand the mission field through studying relevant disciplines specific to their region of ministry.
  • With small teacher/student ratios and close mentorship opportunities in both online and onsite classes, students will be able to excel with individual attention throughout their coursework.

Pontifical Urbaniana University known for & What degrees are offered?

The Pontifical Urbaniana University, also known as the Pontificia Università Urbaniana in Italian, is a pontifical university located in Rome, Italy. It is a specialized institution that primarily focuses on training and educating missionaries, priests, and laypeople for service in the missions of the Catholic Church, particularly in areas with limited access to formal education and religious training.

The university is administered by the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, which oversees the Church’s missionary activities. The Urbaniana University offers a range of degrees and programs, primarily in the fields of theology, philosophy, canon law, and missiology (the study of mission work). Some of the degrees and faculties offered at the Pontifical Urbaniana University include:

  1. Faculty of Theology: Offers degrees in theology at various levels, including Bachelor’s, Licentiate (equivalent to a Master’s), and Doctorate. Theology programs cover various areas of theological study, including systematic theology, moral theology, pastoral theology, and more.
  2. Faculty of Philosophy: Provides education in philosophy, including Bachelor’s, Licentiate, and Doctorate degrees. Philosophy programs are designed to equip students with a solid philosophical foundation for their theological and pastoral work.
  3. Faculty of Canon Law: Offers programs in canon law, including Licentiate and Doctorate degrees. Canon law is the ecclesiastical law governing the Catholic Church’s structure, organization, and governance.
  4. Faculty of Missiology: Specializes in the study of missiology, preparing students for missionary work and cross-cultural engagement. Programs include Licentiate and Doctorate degrees in Missiology.
  5. Institutes and Specialized Centers: The university also houses various institutes and centers that focus on specific areas of study, such as interreligious dialogue, the study of Eastern Christianity, and more.

It’s important to note that the programs offered at the Pontifical Urbaniana University are often tailored to the needs of missionaries and individuals working in diverse cultural contexts. The university’s mission is to provide education that equips its graduates to effectively serve the Church’s mission in different parts of the world.

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