List of Universities in Wallis and Futuna

List of Universities in Wallis and Futuna

List of Universities in Wallis and Futuna

List of Universities in Wallis and Futuna :

1University de WallisAddress:
Route de Liku/Afala à Uvéa
Phone:+681 +33172770043

University de Wallis

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The island of Futuna was discovered by the Dutch in 1ut1in and the country Wallis was discovered by the Dutch in 1667, but in 1 the2 the French United Nations declared a state associated with the islands and took their formal management between 16 and 18. Wallis and Futuna were the second French colonies to be involved in the city administration during World War II, a division that led to the arrival of 2,000 Yankee troops in 1942. In 1959, the islanders voted to become a French foreign territory, and in July 1961 it officially took up the position.

Name (international): University de Wallis

Name (local): Université de Wallis

Type of institution: University

Address: Route de Liku/Afala à Uvéa

City: Vaitupu

Phone: +681 +33172770043

Fax: +681721355

Email: info[at]

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