List of Universities in American Samoa

List of Universities in American Samoa

List of Universities in American Samoa :

1American Samoa Community CollegeAddress :
American Samoa Community College
P.O. Box 2609
Pago Pago, AS 96799
Phone: (684) 699-9155
Email: [email protected]

American Samoa Community College

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is a public two-year institution located in the U.S. territory of Universities in American Samoa. It is the only accredited post-secondary educational institution in American Samoa and serves as the primary provider of higher education in the territory.

ASCC offers a variety of academic programs, including associate degrees, certificates, and vocational training. The college provides opportunities for students to pursue higher education and gain the necessary skills for employment or transfer to a four-year institution.

The college is committed to providing accessible and affordable education to the local community. It offers a range of courses in disciplines such as liberal arts, business, education, health sciences, trades, and technical fields. ASCC also offers developmental and remedial programs to assist students who may need additional support to succeed academically.

In addition to its academic programs, ASCC is actively involved in community outreach and engagement. It collaborates with local organizations and agencies to promote educational and cultural initiatives in American Samoa. The college also hosts various events, workshops, and seminars to enhance the learning experience and foster personal and professional development.

ASCC’s campus is located in the village of Mapusaga, on the island of Tutuila. It features modern facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, a library, computer centers, and student support services. The college is committed to creating a supportive learning environment and offers resources such as tutoring, counseling, and career services to assist students throughout their academic journey.

Overall, American Samoa Community College plays a vital role in providing educational opportunities and promoting workforce development in American Samoa, serving as a foundation for students to pursue their educational and career goals.

American Samoa Community College known for & What degrees are offered?

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is known for its commitment to providing accessible education, vocational training, and workforce development opportunities to the local community in American Samoa. Here are some key aspects and programs offered by ASCC:

  1. Associate Degrees: ASCC offers various associate degree programs in disciplines such as liberal arts, business administration, education, health sciences, trades, and technical fields. These two-year programs provide students with a foundation in their chosen field and prepare them for entry-level jobs or further education.
  2. Certificate Programs: ASCC provides certificate programs that focus on specific skills and knowledge areas. These programs are typically shorter in duration than associate degrees and aim to equip students with specialized expertise in fields such as culinary arts, computer technology, automotive technology, nursing assistant, and more.
  3. Vocational Training: ASCC is recognized for its vocational training programs that prepare students for immediate employment in various industries. These programs offer hands-on training and practical skills development in areas like construction technology, electronics, hospitality management, agriculture, and other trades.
  4. Developmental and Remedial Programs: ASCC offers developmental and remedial programs for students who may need additional support to succeed academically. These programs help students improve their basic skills in subjects such as English and math, ensuring they have a solid foundation before advancing to higher-level coursework.
  5. Workforce Development Initiatives: ASCC collaborates with local industries, organizations, and agencies to develop workforce development initiatives that align with the needs of the American Samoa community. These initiatives focus on equipping students with skills that are in demand in the local job market, enhancing their employability.
  6. Community Engagement: ASCC actively engages with the community through various outreach programs, cultural events, and collaborations. The college plays a significant role in promoting educational and cultural initiatives in American Samoa, fostering a sense of community and preserving the local heritage.

Overall, ASCC is known for its diverse range of academic and vocational programs, its commitment to workforce development, and its dedication to serving the educational needs of the American Samoa community.

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is a public land-grant community college in the village of Mapusaga, American Samoa. Our mission is to provide quality higher education, fueled by student and community engagement, to a diverse and vibrant island community. We’re committed to producing knowledgeable, equiped graduates who are prepared for the global workforce.

  • Open admissions policy
  • Variety of degree and certificate programs
  • Academic advising and career counseling
  • Small class sizes
  • Opportunity to gain quality skills and knowledge needed for success
  • Accessible faculty focused on student success
  • Variety of clubs and activities encouraged student growth
  • Access to modern library resources with online materials

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) offers students an array of educational and professional opportunities. On its scenic tropical campus, ASCC provides Associate degrees in Arts, Applied Science, Business Administration and Criminal Justice with course structures that emphasize hands-on learning and higher education transferability. Offering a unique curriculum based on the local culture, ASCC also provides certificate programs in Hospitality Management, Motorcycle Maintenance Mechanics and Carpentry. In addition to classroom instruction at its Mapusaga home base, ASCC reaches out to learners through distance access technology in seven other locations around the island.

  • Associate Degree Programs
  • Certificate Programs
  • Hands-on Learning Experiences
  • Distance Access Technology Learning
  • Affordable Tuition Rates
  • Flexible Class Schedules & Schedule Options
  • Career Training & Career Coaching Available
  • Small Student Class Sizes & Lots of Faculty Interaction

American Samoa is proud to offer an unbeatable combination of island paradise and US territory. Unspoiled, beautiful beaches, tropical rainforest, ancient culture and modern amenities combine to create a unique and unforgettable vacation experience. With direct flights from Hawaii, it’s never been easier to start your journey here!

  • Unspoiled beaches
  • Unique cultural sites
  • Direct flights from Hawaii and the mainland
  • US Territory status for the safety of visitors
  • Incredible diving experiences
  • Explore local villages & learn about Samoan culture
  • Access to reliable medical care through US network partners
  • Safe journey with full monetary protection

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