List of Universities in Central African Republic

List of Universities in Central African Republic

List of Universities in Central African Republic :

Université de Bangui
Address :
Avenue des Martyrs; Boîte Postale 1450
Central African Republic

University of Bangui :

Bangui University is a university located in Bangui, Central African Republic. Before independence, most people went to Europe for education because that was the only opportunity to get higher education. After the country gained independence in 1958, they taught at a number of schools and agricultural institutes in the Central African Republic (FESAC). The country began its full formation in 1960 and in its continuation, in 1969, Bangui University was formed by a government ordinance. An Act A Rural Development An Economics is a scientific study and the University of Bangui begins its journey with the Faculty of Industry and extends the journey of a Faculty of Agricultural Research with special emphasis on agriculture.

The Central African Republic’s Bangui University and the National School of Administration and Judiciary are the two public schools in the country where students receive government benefits and the International Preparatory Private College where students enjoy international education.

The tendency of Central African Republic students to study mathematics and physics has increased significantly as the number of students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics at Bangui University has increased significantly.

Faculties of Bangui University:

Department of Academic Affairs and Cooperation (DAAC)
Education and Examinations Service
Academic Affairs Department
External Relations Department

Administrative and Financial Affairs Department (DAAF)
Financial service
Administration and Personnel Department
Scholarship Management Service

Department of University Works (DOU)
Catering service
University City Service
Service Médico-social

Directorate of the University Library (D / BU)
Documentation Service
University Press Service
University bookstore service
Library service

Directorate of the Planning and Archives Studies Office (D / BEPA)
Statistics Department
Documentation and Archives Service
Studies and Planning Department

IT Department (DI)
IT System Management Service

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