List of Universities in Chad

List of Universities in Chad

List of Universities in Chad

1Université Emi KoussiAddress:
Avenue Kondol Bealoum, N’Djamena
+235 62625555
[email protected]
2École Nationale d’Administration TchadAddress:
L’ENA Tchad
BP: 758
N’Djamena Tchad
Téléphone: : +(235) 22 51 40 50
Email: [email protected]

Emi Koussi University :

The first private higher education institution for higher education in Chad was established in 2011. It is Emi Koussi University. Emi Koussi University was established by a special decree and is now established as a reputed institution and is also providing effective training to its students. The main objective of this organization is to provide practical education so that they can improve their programs in the light of sophisticated education in the job market.

Emi Koussi University always serves a balanced meal and this is done by a restaurant next to the university. This restaurant offers a rich and varied menu at very low prices.
In addition to good food, there is enough sincerity among the students towards good health. It provides free medical assistance on the special initiatives of the government.

The institution has a high-speed internet connection and multimedia room to facilitate the research work of the students and the university has regular sports and cultural activities so that a strong physical and mental development takes place between them.

École Nationale d’Administration Tchad :

The National School of Administration is a public higher education institution created by a 1963 government decree and is located in Chad’s N’Jamenat. It is administered by the presidency and the government. The National School of Administration mainly provides training to people in public administration and gives precedence to middle and senior managers in government. The training usually provides 3 years of training in the first phase and 2 years of training in the second phase. There is trained staff led by senior executives and there are academics and lawyers who offer higher courses. Here he works in various faculties on social studies, economics, and diplomacy. The National School of Administration is a national standard for retraining and further training of government officials in education and research.

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