List of Universities in China :

501Huainan Normal University
502Hubei University of Education (Institute of Economics and Management)
503Changzhou Institute of Technology
504West Anhui University
505Beijing Sport University
506Jiaying University
507Hubei University of Automotive Technology
508Hefei Normal University
509Guangdong University of Finance
510Southwest University of Political Science and Law
511Xi’An University of Arts & Science
512Heze University
513Civil Aviation Flight University of China
514Changchun University
515Guiyang University
516Jilin University of Finance and Economics (Changchun Taxation College)
517Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology
518Guizhou Minzu University (College for Ethnic Minorities)
519Guizhou University of Finance and Economics
520Gansu University of Chinese Medicine
521Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
522Anshan Normal University
523Zhejiang Shuren University
524Beijing International Studies University
525Honghe University
526Chongqing University of Education
527Fuyang Normal University
528Guizhou Education University
529Tonghua Normal University
530Yulin University
531Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University
532Shaoyang University
533Guizhou Institute of Technology
534Dalian University of Foreign Languages
535Huaihai Institute of Technology
536Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
537Guangxi University of Finance & Economics
538Jinlin Jianzhu University
539Chifeng University
540Xiangnan University
541Beijing Electronic Science & Technology Institute
542Shanghai University of Health Sciences
543Sichuan University of Arts and Science
544Hunan University of Technology and Business
545Putian University
546Mudanjiang Medical University
547ZheJiang International Studies University
548Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power
549Qingdao Binhai University
550Xianyang Normal University
List of Universities in China
551Guangxi University of Science and Technology
552Hubei University of Science & Technology (Xianning University)
553Shangrao Normal University / 上饶师范学院
554Shenyang Institute of Engineering
555Hunan University of Science & Engineering
556Yantai Nanshan University
557Qiqihar Medical University
558Changchun Normal University
559Zhengzhou Normal University
560Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics
561China University of Geoscience Beijing
562Tianshui Normal University
563Handan University
564Fujian Jiangxia University
565Shangluo University
566Weinan Normal University
567Mudanjiang Normal University
568Mianyang Teachers’ College
569Beijing City University
570Northwest University of Political Science & Law
571Jiangxi University of Technology
572Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College
573Hechi University
574Sichuan College of Architectural Technology
575Hunan University of Humanities Science & Technology
576People’s Public Security University of China
577Northwest A & F University
578Beibu Gulf University
579Yibin University
580Henan University of Animal Husbandry Economy
581Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
582Anhui Xinhua University / 安徽新华学院
583Leshan Normal University
584Northern University for Nationalities
585Southwest Medical University
586Shijiazhuang University
587Changchun Institute of Technology
588Shenyang Medical College
589Harbin University
590Hunan International Economics University
591Sanming University / 三明学院
592Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College (Ningbo Fashion College)
593Guiyang University of Chinese Medicine
594Xi’an Aeronautical University
595Huanggang Normal University / 黄冈师范学院
596China University of Mining & Technology Beijing
597 Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (Second Medical University)
598Quzhou University
599Yuxi Normal University
600Hainan Tropical Ocean University

List of Universities in China: