List of Universities in Falkland Islands

List of Universities in Falkland Islands

List of Universities in Falkland Islands :

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Falkland Islands Education :

The Falkland Islands are islands off the South Atlantic Ocean off the southern Patagonian coast of South America and off the Antarctic coast. The Falkland Islands are governed primarily by the United Kingdom, and the British are responsible for defense and foreign policy. A review of history reveals a variety of controversies over the colonization of the Falkland Islands, such as Argentina thinking the islands were theirs and the British thinking the islands were theirs. Occasionally there is an attack on the island between the two countries. They invaded the Falklands in 1982 and took control of the Falkland Islands but were unable to hold on. Two months after the Falkland Islands were annexed, the British recaptured it. Although the people of Falkland strongly voted to keep the archipelago under British control, the majority of Falklanders are of British descent. Others are of French, Gibraltarian and Scandinavian descent. The Falkland Islands Act is governed by British law, so the islanders of these islands are British citizens and English is their main language.
The Falkland Islands have a tundra climate. The country has numerous mountain ranges that serve as habitats for large birds. The main sources of economy here are fishing, tourism, sheep farming.

Education is provided in the Falkland Islands English education system and education is free and compulsory. Falkland Islands is taught through two schools, Infant and Junior and Falkland Islands Community School. It is taught to students from 4 to 16 years. Falkland Islands Students must travel to the UK or abroad for post-secondary education. The government provides special funding for Falkland Islands students for appropriate education.

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