List of Universities in French Guiana

List of Universities in French Guiana

List of Universities in French Guiana :

1École Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Éducation Université de GuyaneCampus de Troubiran BP 792
97337 Cayenne Cedex
Cayenne, French Guiana
[email protected]
[email protected]
0594 27 27 11 / 0594 27 27 12

French Guiana Educaton :

French Guiana is a dependent region of South America but French Guiana is controlled and administered by Universities in French Guiana. The education system and laws there are modeled on those of France. However, French Guiana is a foreign division of France. French Guiana 6 to 16 years of compulsory education Students have to spend five years to complete primary education.
French Guiana consists of two parts of secondary education where four-year and three-year programs are required to participate. There are four years at Bravette de College and three years at the undergraduate level that require them to enter a third institution.
French Guiana Not only theoretical education is provided here but also some vocational education is provided here. Through which the students here can work and find employment in suitable education and make a career-oriented livelihood with educational technical training. And now they are able to improve their lives by outsourcing to vocational education.
French Guiana Third tier educational institutions lack adequacy although tertiary educational institutions work for teacher training and agriculture.
French Guiana has a university called Antilles-Guan. It offers undergraduate degrees in natural sciences, sociology, agriculture and forestry, health sciences and technology, and offers postgraduate degrees in both natural sciences, sociology, agriculture and forestry, health sciences and technology.

Université de Guyane :
University of Guyana The University of Guyana was established in 2014 and the University conducts its activities with training and research institutes. The university offers degrees in law and economics, correspondence, language, humanities and social sciences in the training and research departments. The institute also offers degrees in health, science and technology. Cayenne conducts their educational activities through the Guyana University Center and the IUT campus in Cairo.

“École Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Éducation” (ESPE) at the Université de Guyane. ESPEs in France are teacher training institutions that prepare future educators for various levels of education. However, I’d like to clarify that as of my last update in September 2021, there might not be a direct ESPE branch in Saint Barthélemy itself.

The Université de Guyane is located in French Guiana, which is a separate overseas department of France located on the northeastern coast of South America. It’s quite far from Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean. French Guiana does have its own ESPE as part of its educational infrastructure, and it offers programs related to teacher training and education.

If you’re looking for specific information about education in Saint Barthélemy or the availability of certain programs, it’s advisable to directly contact the relevant educational institutions or consult official sources such as government or educational websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Please be aware that the status of educational institutions and programs can change over time.

École Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Éducation Université de Guyane known for & What degrees are offered?

École Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Éducation (ESPE) at the Université de Guyane is a teacher training institution in French Guiana, an overseas department of France. ESPEs are dedicated to providing education and training for future teachers at various levels of education.

ESPEs are known for offering programs and degrees that prepare individuals for careers in teaching and education. These programs typically include pedagogical training, subject-specific education, and practical teaching experiences to equip future educators with the skills and knowledge needed to teach effectively.

Some of the degrees and programs that ESPEs, including the one at the Université de Guyane, might offer include:

  1. Master’s in Education (Masters de l’Enseignement): These are specialized programs designed for individuals who want to become teachers at various levels, such as primary, secondary, or higher education. These programs typically combine pedagogical training with subject-specific education.
  2. Professional Master’s in Education (Masters Professionnels de l’Enseignement): These programs are tailored for individuals who are already working in the education sector or want to enhance their teaching skills. They often focus on practical teaching methods and strategies.
  3. Research-oriented Master’s programs: Some ESPEs may offer research-focused master’s programs related to education, which can be a pathway for individuals interested in educational research or pursuing further studies in the field.
  4. Teaching Certificates: ESPEs might offer teaching certificates for individuals who already have a relevant degree but need pedagogical training to become qualified teachers.
  5. Continuing Education: ESPEs can provide continuing education programs for current educators who want to improve their teaching methods, stay up-to-date with educational practices, or specialize in certain areas of education.

It’s important to note that the specific programs and degrees offered by the ESPE at the Université de Guyane may vary. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the programs offered, admission requirements, and other details, I recommend visiting the official website of the Université de Guyane or directly contacting the ESPE department.

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