List of Universities in Guadeloupe

List of Universities in Guadeloupe

List of Universities in Guadeloupe :

Guadeloupe is as much a unique piece of Caribbean culture as it is an incredible vacation destination. Perfect for both history buffs and beach lovers alike, this French island captures the essence of tropical paradise, with a mix of stunning sightseeing opportunities, unspoiled beaches and breath taking natural wonders. With its mesmerizing sunsets, pristine marine life and off-the-beaten-path hiking trails, you can easily spend weeks exploring all the wonders that this amazing archipelago has to offer.

  • 12 islands & islets
  • Pristine white sand beaches
  • Marine life abundant in scuba diving and snorkelling spots
  • Tropical rainforest and waterfalls perfect for hikers/trekkers
  • Local galleries and craft markets selling original artworks
  • Enjoy a diverse and colourful culture whilst discovering historical sites ranging from colonial forts to ancient ruins
  • Embark on unforgettable family excursions exploring the many geological gems like La Soufrière Volcano or La Pond des Caribous
  • Sample local cuisine inspired by flavours spanning various native cultures ( African, French Creole etc.)
  • Unwind in romantic atmospheres such as Deshaies famous Sunset Cafe
1University of the French West Indies and GuianaAddress : Campus de Fouillole, BP 250,
Pointe-à-Pitre, Grande-Terre,
Phone : +590 48 90 18
Fax : +590 91 06 57

University of the French West Indies and Guiana

University of the French West Indies and Guiana (UFIP) offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes through its network of faculties. With the home campus in Martinique and additional campuses located in Guadeloupe, Guyana, and Saint-Martin, our students are able to access world-class instruction in a truly global environment. The Faculties of Science, Social Sciences and Humanities offer specialised courses including Anthropology, Biology, Business Administration, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, International Relations and more. All undergraduates complete an internship for hands-on learning experience related to their year’s theme. UFIP also has exchange partnerships with over 50 universities from around the world.

  • Specialised courses including Anthropology, Biology, Business Administration etc
  • Internships for hands-on learning experiences
  • Exchange partnerships with over 50 universities worldwide
  • Unique opportunity to study in an international setting at France’s top university abroad holder
  • Access world class instruction across different fields such as economics or cultural studies
  • Tailor studies with internships or exchanges in partnership universities at home or abroad
  • Quality education backed by strong research facilities

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