List of Universities in Martinique

List of Universities in Martinique

List of Universities in Martinique :

Martinique is an exotic and incredibly beautiful destination. From the stunning white sand beaches to the lush green tropical forests, it is a paradise like you have never experienced before. Rent a car and explore Martinique to its fullest potential. Take in the breathtaking views, admire nature reserves and witness myriad cultural events with local delicacies from the French Caribbean.

  • A temperate tropical climate
  • Beautiful white sand beaches
  • Abundant wildlife preserves & national parks
  • An up & coming culinary scene
  • Countless cultural activities & festivals
    Benefits :
  • Enjoy breathtaking views while on vacation or as a permanent resident
  • Experience the unique French culture together with local tropical flavors
  • Take advantage of some of the best hiking & diving spots around
  • Perfect opportunity for growth as Martinique’s economy is open to foreign investment
1Campus Caraïbéen des ArtsCampus Caraïbéen des Arts
Ermitage – Rue des artistes
97200 Fort-de-France
596 596 60 65 29
[email protected]

Campus Caraïbéen des Arts

Campus Caraïbéen des Arts is a higher school of musical, theatrical and choreographic education located in Martinique. Our campus allows creative and emerging artists to develop their talent thanks to professional a training and personalised support under the guidance of renowned professionals from art, culture and entertainment. We offer a wide range of courses from short-term workshops to long-term training programs as well as opportunities for exchange between students from different cultures. We believe that art is the best way to learn about others, foster creativity, collaboration and strengthen international friendships.

  • Various courses from short-term workshops to long-term training programs
  • Professional teaching by renowned professionals
  • Exchange program with other schools worldwide
  • Learn new skills, knowledge and competencies in artistic expression in an international setting
  • Develop your creativity through diverse challenges
  • Foster constructive relationships through collaborative experiences

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