List of Universities in Montserrat

List of Universities in Montserrat

List of Universities in Montserrat :

1University of Science Arts & Technology Faculty of MedicineAddress:
P.O. Box 506, S. Mayfield Estate Dr., Olveston, Montserrat, British West Indies
[email protected]
Call: 727.612.2223
2Seoul Central College of Medicine4187 NE Expressway
Atlanta, Georgia 30340
TEL : (770) 270 – 9290
FAX : (770) 270 – 0012
[email protected]

University of Science Arts & Technology Faculty of Medicine

University of Science, Arts and Technology’s Faculty of Medicine offers one of the most diverse medical education experience available today — traditional lectures & seminars, hands-on clinics, laboratory experience and virtual classrooms. Our students benefit from our experienced faculty members consisting of medical doctors, psychiatrists, physical therapists and specialist physicians from some of the best international universities in the world. Through our scientific research and community engagement initiatives we strive to provide a balanced view on modern healthcare challenges while leaving our own positive mark on society.

  • State-of-the-art teaching facilities
  • Experienced faculty members
  • MD & PhD Programmes
  • Specialised Postgraduate Courses
  • Gain an integrated perspective on modern healthcare challenges through curriculum specially designed for students to be able to practice medicine across multiple countries
  • Obtain international recognition within the medical community based on USAT’s academic excellence and speciality areas such as tropical diseases, mental health programs & rural medicine
  • Benefit from experiential learning including a wide range of clinical rotations

Seoul Central College of Medicine

ACU Seoul Central College of Medicine provides aspiring doctors on Montserrat and around the world with the opportunity to earn a prestigious medical degree from an accredited university in Seoul, South Korea. Students benefit from the excellent international academic reputation of ACU’s faculty, a wide range of clinical training experiences based on global standards, and hands-on training or study abroad activities.

  • Accredited by The National Council for Higher Education in South Korea
  • Wide range of Clinical Training Experiences based on Global Standards
  • Hands-on Training & Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Rigorous Core and Electives Curriculum
  • Virtual Learning & Simulations Resources
  • Earn a prestigious MD degree from an internationally recognized university in Seoul, South Korea
  • Become part of a strong alumni network with graduates all over the world

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