Universities in Niger

List of Universities in Niger

List of Universities in Niger

List of Universities in Niger :

1Université Abdou Moumouni de NiameyAddress :
Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey, Niamey, Niger
2Islamic University of NigerAddress :
Presidency of the University of
P.O.Box: 11507 Niamey – Republic of Niger
Tel: +227 20 72 39 03
Fax: +227 20 73 37 96
University Presidency:
P.O. Box: 76 SAE – Republic of Niger
Tel: +227 21 76 73 68
+227 21 767367
[email protected]

Niger Education :

The African continent is not as well developed as other continents of the world. The education sector is very weak here. Due to the weakness, the school enrollment rate is low and therefore the education structure of Niger is facing challenges. Primary education in Niger is compulsory. Primary education is generally given to children between the ages of seven and fifteen and secondary education is optional. However, Niger has the lowest literacy rate. With the help of foreign organizations, Niger’s education is moving forward by conducting education.

There are some steps in the Niger education system and the learning cycle and the steps at that level are:

Elementary school
Secondary school
1st cycle (4 years)
2nd cycle (3 years)
Higher education
Primary education consists of six grades
A certificate is issued upon completion of Niger’s elementary education and in order to obtain this certificate a test must be taken and the test must be passed. In Niger, the constitution was amended in 1960. The only official language of Niger in this constitution was French. So this language was recognized in the schools but in the mountains, French, as well as other languages, were included in some schools. Again, multilingual education created educational barriers for the expansion of overall education. But with the widespread success of Mali’s local language education, Niger continues its education in the local language.

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