List of Universities in Northern Mariana Islands

List of Universities in Northern Mariana Islands

List of Universities in Northern Mariana Islands

List of Universities in Northern Mariana Islands :

1Northern Marianas CollegeAddress :
NMC – Saipan Campus (Main)
Northern Marianas College
P.O. Box 501250
Saipan, MP 96950
(670) 234-5498 or (670) 234-3690

Office of the President
Contact: Becky Sablan
(670) 237-6700
[email protected]

Contact: Manny Castro
(670) 237-6772
[email protected]

Financial Aid
Contact: Daisy Manglona-Propst
(670) 237-6792
[email protected]

Human Resources
(670) 237-6857
[email protected]
Media Inquiries
Contact: Office of Institutional Advancement
(670) 237-6833
[email protected]

Northern Marianas College

Welcome to Northern Marianas College. This site will seek to provide much needed information to students and the community. Each part will be provided with various events, new announcements, career opportunities and other services.
We encourage you to learn about our various plans and projects here so that you are aware of our huge service. You can play an active role in more different student associations.

From NMC you can take degree or non-credit courses and our expert teachers will play a special role in earning your degree and give a good result. We are actually particularly interested in serving you.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide a variety of high quality, affordable and readily available curricula, programs and services. In order to spread the light of education among different people and masses in the Commonwealth.

Our vision

Our vision is to serve as the main director of social and cultural growth in the Commonwealth so that the Northern Marianas College of the College can achieve economic prosperity.

A brief history of NMC

Northern Marianas College was established in 1981 by Executive Order # 25 of the government. The order made the college a department of the Commonwealth Education Department. The college launched a training program in 1981 for government employees and public school system teachers.
The NMC is transformed into a public school by public law and is recognized as a non-profit corporation under this law which requires a board of directors. Then in 185 again Public Law 4-34 was passed under which autonomy was granted in both financial and personnel matters. This was followed in 1985 by the adoption of the Second Constitutional Amendment to the Consecutive CNMI, which included 38 amendments relating to education. And the Board of Regents must have autonomy in handling its affairs. This amendment ensures full establishment and fundraising. Then in 1686 the 38th Amendment was passed in the special election of the Commonwealth. In 1985, the college was recognized by the WASC and ACCJC commissions. He received a bachelor’s degree from WSCUC in 2021 and a four-year degree from a two-year community college at WASC.

From the very beginning, NMC has invested in CNMI to meet the demand for higher education and vocational training. The college has created an overall model for meeting the needs of social, cultural, professional and economic development for all. Here students are graduating in various educational programs of study and thousands more students are taking credit and non-credit, adult education.

More than 20,000 people have earned degrees and certificates from this college and more than 3000 integrated programs have served us with certificates and more than 12000 people through programs such as adult primary education, continuing education, and cooperatives, research, extension and education services.

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