List of Universities in Pitcairn Islands

List of Universities in Pitcairn Islands

List of Universities in Pitcairn Islands:

1Pulau SchoolAddress :
Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands

Pulau School

Pulau School is the only school in the Pitcairn Islands. The Pulau School is located in the capital of Adamstown. The school follows the New Zealand curriculum and incorporates local culture and traditions. The school serves as a primary school for children aged 4 to 14 and their higher education is held in other schools in New Zealand. A teacher teaches here and he is the principal here. These teachers work to provide education as well as to promote education and spread the light of education among the people of the islands.

The story of Pulau school education began in the late nineteenth century when Edward Young taught John Adams to read a Bible. Young died in 1800, and Adams taught first-generation children to read. Buffett then came to British Pitcairn in 1823 to teach. George Han Nobs, Pitcairn, a pastor on Norfolk Island, surgeon, teaching in 1828.

After Pitcairners left Norfolk Island in 184, descendant Simon Young and his daughter Rosalind continued the education program. The church appointed a pastor between 1917 and 1938 when the academic side of the school was left to the islanders. Again the government took over the school in 1958 and passed a law. The law requires children between the ages of 5 and 15 to attend school 5 hours a day.

Eligible applicants are now recruited from among the many applicants at Pulau School which is recognized by the New Zealand Registered Teachers. The school and teacher’s residence were established in 1950. The school has modern equipment and generator, film projector, piano, sound system, computer, television, VCR, photocopier and wooden equipment and school library.
There were 20 attendees in 1950, 28 in 1959, 36 in 1962 but in 1999 the attendance declined to 10.

Elementary education was provided in 1957 by introducing a correspondence course based on the New Zealand curriculum. Secondary education is provided by Barsari Grants and secondary education is provided in New Zealand at its government expense.

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