List of Universities in Tokelau

List of Universities in Tokelau

List of Universities in Tokelau

List of Universities in Tokelau :

1University of the South Pacific 
Address :
Tokelau campus

University of the South Pacific 

Welcome to the website of the South Pacific University and happy to have you and the leading institution in the region is the South Pacific University. I am very excited to be able to present the information about our university in front of you.
The South Pacific University was established in 1966, the first in the region. Our university is guided by our inclusive family, participatory and open conversation approach to “shaping the Pacific Future”.
South Pacific University has strong international relations and a global brand, the world’s best research and digital delivery. The student body of the university has many cultural workshops and exceptional character activities.
All students at USP are self-centered and value-driven, led by Swarnivar. We have built a quality organization with internationally recognized programs and various RCOs on 14 campuses. USP is a helpful and quite helpful role in providing a student experience.
Especially with the change of work environment and time, we have started using various innovations, creativity, and technology which is developing capacity and increasing talent among them. We give all those students the best opportunity to succeed in life and work to build the future and use our experience.

Really the right time to be part of our USP family. You can visit our site and spend some time here. You can spend some time here and have a good time. Here are our colleagues who will answer all your questions.
I wish you stay with our USP and stay safe, where we can build a Pacific Future.

Our mission :

Our goal is to acquire the highest knowledge of all islanders in the Pacific Ocean through world-class education and research. To improve their lives and communities through that knowledge.

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