Universities of Antarctica Countries

Antarctica may be a distinctive continent in this it doesn’t have a native

Universities of Antarctica Countries
Antarctica Countries

Antarctica is uninhabitable with no university established here.

Brief Description of Antarctica:
Antarctica is one of the six continents of the world, it is the least populated continent and the southernmost continent. Being a landlocked country with very few human settlements and known as the geographic South Pole, the continent of Antarctica is much larger than Europe. Although the continent is much larger than Europe, most of its territory is covered in ice. Antarctica contains about 70 percent of the world’s fresh water and has the coldest and driest climate. Antarctica receives 200 milliliters of rain but less in the interior and has some of the coldest temperatures on Earth. The fauna here is relatively less, tardigrades, mites, nematodes, penguins, seals are commonly found here. Nuclear waste discharge, nuclear explosion, military activity, mining are prohibited in Antarctica.

Antarctica is the coldest continent that no other continent can reach, with temperatures typically reaching temperatures as low as -90°C to -100°C. The weather is very cold. And the climate is very windy which can make living there very complicated and also the environment here is dry which makes it very difficult for people to live. Temperatures in Antarctica never get very high. The temperature here is recorded below 10 °C. This record temperature was near the coast. Snow falls more than rain in the continent i.e. as little as 150 ml of rain falls with snow. Antarctica is above sea level (9,800 feet above sea level) where temperatures are colder and in the blue-ice region, there is more snow for wind and subliminal precipitation. East Antarctica is higher and West Antarctica is lower, so East Antarctica is much cooler and West Antarctica is slightly cooler. The continent has occasional gale-force winds at its edges and receives the most solar radiation at the South Pole.

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